Information Sheet for Spanish
Sra Mandy- Room S202

Querido estudiante

¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español! I’m very glad that you have chosen to take Spanish this year. Below you will find useful information pertaining to this class. Keep this info sheet in your notebook (cuaderno) for future reference and for points towards your cuaderno check every six weeks. If you have questions just come see me. It is important that you and your parents read this information.

Behavior Expectations

  • Work hard, be nice!
  • Be respectful of other people and property Come to class promptly and prepared

(this means bringing your iPad, any assignments, books and materials necessary for class)

Courtesy and respect are the only expected and accepted attitudes in this class!

Required Materials-To be brought to class daily
  • Textbook-Realidades 1 (Spanish 1), Realidades 2 (Spanish2) or Realidades (Spanish 3), Encuentros maravillosos (Spanish 4/AP)
  • 1 3 ring folder/binder or similar
  • Ruled paper
  • Black or blue pen
  • Red checking pen
  • Notebook for journal (Spanish 3 only)
The following are useful supplies to keep on hand but are not mandatory
  • highlighter
  • markers
  • unlined index cards

Your grade is determined as follows

Participation (oral and written) – 25%
Assignments (oral and written) – 25%
Tests – 25%
Quizzes – 25%

Late Work
Late work is only accepted after an excused absence

“What if I’m absent?”
Exchange phone numbers and e-mail addresses with at least two of your classmates.If you happen to miss class one day you can email me or call/text a friend to find out what you missed.You WILL be responsible for the new vocabulary the next time class meets. Make up work is your responsibility. See me immediately on your return to schedule make up work, missed tests and quizzes and check Edline or this wiki to find out what daily activities and homework you missed. Absence is no excuse for not completing an assignment.


Tutorials are held every day at lunch. PLEASE take advantage of the tutorials especially if you feel you are falling behind. The sooner you come, the sooner we can get you back on track.

What will we be studying this semester?
See syllabus

What if I make a mistake in class?
Mistakes when acquiring a new language are normal, natural and…. EXPECTED!!! Even students with a high degree of proficiency in the language will make many errors when speaking or writing.Remember that while laughing at your self or with others is encouraged, making fun of others will not be tolerated.Relax and have fun participating in class and your Spanish will improve quickly!

Homework is assigned every night. Sometimes there will be written assignments but often it will be vocabulary review. Homework is reviewed and corrected at the beginning of class. To receive full credit, homework must be complete at this time. Keep your homework in your notebook/binder as it may be collected at any time. Since language learning is a cumulative process we will be recycling previously learned vocabulary on a daily basis

"Nothing is said which has not been said before" [Terence (195/185 BC-159 BC) Playwright of the Roman Republic]. However, should you choose to say it in exactly the same way (without quotation marks) as the person who said it first, you are claiming the work of someone else as your own. That is called plagiarism and will result in a grade of 0 on that assignment.

Again, welcome and I look forward to getting to know you. If you need to reach me, email is best: O'

Amanda O’Leary, profesora de español