Dear Parents

Welcome to Spanish!

My name is Amanda O'Leary ( Ms. Mandy) and I will be teaching your son or daughter this year.
I am looking forward to meeting and working with your children and I am certain that we will have a very enjoyable and successful year.

I am often asked by parents how best to help their children study Spanish especially when they cannot speak it themselves. We are fortunate to have so many online resources available which the student can access from home. (There is an explanation of resources on the Realidades page). On the Vocabulario pages you may also access the vocabulary for all the chapters in the textbook. ( Available from September) Also, a list of general and online resources will be posted on Edline. By familiarizing yourself with all the resources you will know what your child is doing in class and help him or her to keep up. ( You will probably learn a lot yourself too!!) You can also visit Type in the web code jce-0010 for more Tips to Parents

There is also the "low tech" option available to you in the form of flashcards. These can be easily and inexpensively made needing only index cards and a rubber band to keep them all together. They are an invaluable resource and really help with vocabulary mastery.

Foreign Language tutorials are any day of the week at lunch. If you think your son or daughter is struggling with Spanish, please encourage attendance at tutorials. This is not a punishment. It is designed to help the student get back on track as quickly as possible.

Above all. please encourage your son or daughter to relax, take risks, be patient and enjoy Spanish. It is very important that they feel comfortable in class. This is one of the few classes where talking (in Spanish!!) is encouraged, and making mistakes is all part of the learning process. Finally, feel free to contact me with any questions or worries you may have. Email is best (O' ) as this will get the quickest response.

Please take a little time to navigate the wiki space. Hopefully it should answer most of the questions you may have

Once again let me welcome you and your son or daughter to Spanish


Mandy O'Leary