Guidelines for Art Project
Español III
Fecha de entrega: lunes 15 de noviembre
You will create and present an art work in the style of one of the artists we have studied in class.
Your presentation may be in the form of a video, PowerPoint presentation, poster board or any other presentation style you think might be effective.
You as the artist will also write a brief (200 words) autobiography (en español) and a description (200 words) of your art work and include it in the presentation. Your description must include an explanation of the style you are emulating and a comparison with other works
In addition to the above your presentation should also include at least 3 interesting facts about 5 of the artists we have studied.
Your project will be graded on the following
v Creativity
v Organization of presentation
v Depth of research ( you must cite at least three different sources)
v Correctness of grammar and vocabulary in written work
v Comprehensible to audience
v Turned in on time
v Evidence of participation of all group members (i.e. if you did not work alone)
Remember, you still have time to get to the MFAH or the MENIL COLLECTION for some bonus points!!